What's on Tap

While we always aim to keep our flagship beers on tap, we rotate the rest of the taps on a weekly basis. Here's what's on tap now.

Rise, American Pale Ale Flagship, 5.5% ABV

A bright citrus aroma leads to a pleasantly smooth body with a subtle hop spice that lingers in the background.

Blockstar Flagship, 5.5% ABV

A wheat ale dominated by spice and citrus, creating a bright, zesty flavor. Add a generous amount of ginger and orange peel to produce a finish that's crisp and refreshing.

Ursa Minor Reserve, 5.0% ABV

A sour red ale aged on oak. Opens with dark fruit and subtle raspberry aromas which compliment it's smooth dry finish.

Lazarette Reserve, 8.0% ABV

This Double IPA pours light orange, with dank aromas of papaya, pineapple, and tangerine. Concludes with a blast of juicy grapefruit tenacity.

East Coast IPA 6.5% ABV

This dark amber IPA delivers an upfront floral aroma with a smooth malt body and complex hop finish.

Dangerous Opinions 7.2% ABV

Layers of tropical aromas echo through this Rogue Island collaboration IPA. Fresh fruit and Mosaic hops pair perfectly to create a dangerously juicy IPA.